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A difference you can feel.

Here’s something you’ve probably never heard before. Your feet are more than just foundations you stand on. They are foundations for your overall health. In fact, many common and not-so-common health concerns begin in your feet. Problem is, most doctors don’t think to look at your feet first for signs of trouble.

At Podiatry Centers and Barefoot Wellnesss Centers, our board-certified foot specialists (a DPM and MD) always look at your feet first. Even if you complain about a problem that seemingly has little or no bearing on your feet. Like back pain, shoulder pain or fibromyalgia.

What makes us different is that we take time to look at the whole body – the whole person – to find the cause of the pain or illness. Then we use a variety of traditional, alternative and holistic treatment strategies to address the cause and eliminate the pain.

Our patients feel like whole human beings who are always well cared-for, even pampered, when they visit. And they know they can come to us for so much more than just foot problems. That’s because we are so much more than a podiatry practice. We’ve evolved over 40-plus years into a more comprehensive health and wellness center – with acupuncture, medical massage therapy, medical skin care including Botox, reflexology, sclerotherapy, laser hair removal, lymphedema care and cellulite treatment – all in one place. All designed with you and your needs in mind.

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